Boulangerie BONJOUR breads are made using centuries old European bread making traditions. BONJOUR specializes in ‘pain au levain’ (French for sourdough) which is made using wild yeast culture (levain).


 ‘Pain au levain’ has a unique appearance, flavour and aroma that is distinctive and irresistible. Like wild fruit, these breads offer a concentrated flavour and character. The levain must be carefully nurtured and cultivated- its very essence is life.

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What or maybe who’s to blame then!

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Created in honour of Saint Fulcran, the bishop who governed the small French village of Lodève back in the Middle Ages, pain de Lodève is one of the oldest traditionally made French bread ¹.

Pain paillasse or pain paillasson was originally left at the bottom of a paillasse, a rye straw basket used to shape bread.

The bread has a gentle bitterness that blends to perfection with strong cheeses and terrines. It is an un-shaped loaf that is meant to be torn apart (you can also slice it). It is often in France, the center of the table and each takes a turn and rips a big chunk.